About Us

At Curry Cabin we provide traditional Kashmiri food

Here at Curry Cabin, we believe cooking is an art that comes straight from the heart, just like all passions in life - it takes a little effort, and a lot of inspiration. The joy cooking gives you comes from experimenting, transforming and ultimately creating something new.
Located in the heart of Hope, boasting tremendous views of the peaks, why not come and indulge in an authentic Kashmiri meal. With the choice to eat in our resturant or take out, the service will always remain first class.
We opened our eat in restaurant in May 2010, now giving you a unique dining experience in our beautifully furnished seating area for 40 people.

Our chefs possess a vast wealth of experience and knowledge that they combine with natural flair to bring out the sublime taste in what is cooked, whilst daring to be different. The master chef is highly skilled in classical dishes marrying traditional methods with a modern twist.

Our journey.
From humble beginnings starting with just a take out.

Opened as a take out only hidden at the back of the courtyard.
Opened a little 16 seater restaurant.
With a growing demand we took over the fruit shop and turned it into a cosy contemporary 40 seater restaurant.

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